For the last 5 months, you’ve read about my trials and tribulation of trying to get wedding-dress-ready for my big day. You’ve read about my ups and downs, my weeks of successful weight loss, followed by plateaus, injuries and weight gain. You’ve read about my endless hours at the gym and my struggles of being a foodie while trying to keep a diet in check. I swore on multiple occasions that I was going to give up booze and sugar… and we all know the truth… that just didn’t happen. I also wrote incessantly about the stress of it all. I know I’ve said it a number of times, but the whole process was a complete roller coaster. Now that my wedding day has passed, just one big question remains:

Was it all worth it?


Though I don’t necessarily wish to relive the stress all over again, my wedding was by far one of the funnest, most fabulous, fantastic and amazing weekends of my life.

So let’s get right to the point… my primary goal in all of this working-out-and-eating-healthy was to feel and look my absolute best on my wedding day. And no doubt, I achieved that. Though honestly, I felt fabulous the entire wedding weekend. There were so many friends and family members that I hadn’t seen in months, and in some cases years, that greeted me with “Wow! You look amazing!” This is by far the best I have ever looked, and the most confident and strong I have ever felt. It was awesome. I couldn’t have been happier. Though I don’t yet have many photos from the wedding, here’s one of my favs (every bride should bartend at the after-party in her gown, right?)

No one can quite prepare you for how you will feel on your wedding day. I am sure it is different for everyone. I felt amazing, beautiful, calm, confident, strong, and over-the-moon happy. But, I think the most unexpected part was the sheer overwhelming feeling of gratitude. All of my favorite people, were all in one place, to celebrate Matt and I. And, these people came from all over the country. Many from here in Colorado, but friends and family from Boston, Florida, Alaska, California and Hawaii all came to partake in wedding festivities. It’s a big ask to have a wedding in a small mountain town and we were blown away by the outpouring of love and support.

All of this leads me to the gratitude I have for the support system I gained at Titanium. As a wedding present, Anthony gave me a private training session the morning of my wedding. It was because of him I was calm and sane on my wedding day. I am grateful to have him as a trainer, and also grateful for the classes offered and friends I’ve made at Titanium.  It’s because of Titanium I felt amazing on my wedding day. It’s because of Titanium my dress looked stunning. It’s because of Titanium that I felt (and feel) strong and confident. It is because of Titanium, I have created a new lifestyle for myself, one that includes exercise and more physical activity than ever before. Because of Titanium, I achieved my goals.

For me, the journey isn’t over quite yet.  I definitely enjoyed myself and indulged in wedding cake and great food all wedding weekend long, as well as partook in all the tacos and pina coladas I could while mini-mooning in Mexico. So now, it’s time to get things back on track. I am excited about the Weight Loss Challenge that is starting up this week. It will be the perfect way to get me refocused on healthy choices again, and get me back into a solid exercise routine. So, you will still continue to hear from me. I look forward to setting new goals, making new challenges for myself, and figuring out how to maintain this new lifestyle. Stay tuned!