I attend one, 5:15am class per week. The only reason why is because I refuse to wake up in the 4am hour more than once a week. Additionally, I am notoriously a few minutes late for the class. Without fail I always seem to walk-in mid warm-up and have a little catching up to do.


One time in July, I was actually early for this class. Yes. I said it. EARLY for the Friday 5:15am HIIT Core class. (I know, there must have been something seriously wrong with me). I later realized I was early because I was actually excited. And no, not excited to workout, but excited for another reason… Let’s come back to this…


I found my wedding dress in August of last year at a Trunk Show. I had not seen it or tried it on since then as it was being handmade for me. Actually, no one had seen me in it except the bridal consultant because I found my dress by myself. To make things a bit more interesting, I wasn’t at the weight I really wanted to be at, nor was I in very good shape at the time of this first appointment. I really had to see through those insecurities, trust that I would get to a happier place with my figure and know that the dress would be perfect for me.


During this whole year of wedding planning, the dress has been the one thing that I have been looking forward to the most. Though, I really can’t deny that when I got the call in July to schedule my first fitting, I was both excited and completely nervous. Had I lost enough weight? Would I still love it the way I did when I picked it out? No one had seen me in it yet… would my friends and family like it? And most importantly, would Matty like it?


On a Thursday night in July two of my best gal-pals accompanied me to the bridal salon for my first fitting. I am so lucky, because it could not have gone any better. I was down almost 10 lbs from when I had purchased the dress. My bridal consultant measured me again and confirmed I had lost (many) inches in my chest, waist and hips. I was helped into my dress, and for the first time I had close friends to see me in it. I could not have asked for better responses from them. They loved it, and I still LOVED it. It’s perfect. I honestly could not be happier.


They snapped a few pics, we talked jewelry and hair and then it was off for a celebratory dinner. It was at dinner that I realized I had a photo of me in my gown from a year ago and a photo of me from this fitting. Minutes later I had a before and after split screen photo of me in my dress, and I could clearly see my transformation from a year ago. The loss of those 10 pounds made such a difference. The dress looked good a year ago, but it looks amazing now.


So, going back to that one random time I was actually early for that crack-of-dawn class… It was the Friday after my fitting and I realized I was excited to show Anthony my before and after photo. (Okay… here come the feelings… I can’t help it… I am 23 days away from getting married… I have ALOT of feelings). After I showed Anthony the photo, he turned and said to me “I’m proud of you kid” and it meant so much to me. I have struggled, bitched, complained and been absolutely difficult in this process, and Anthony has been nothing but supportive. I could not be luckier to have someone help me through this and help me reach my goals. I am so grateful for his guidance, because I honestly don’t know if I would have achieved what I did without him.


I am finally in the home stretch and have just one more dress fitting to go. It been hard to stay focused at times, but with less than four weeks until the big day, now is not the time for me to let things fall apart. I am actually feeling pretty good about the next few weeks regarding my workouts and diet. I’ve hit a good groove and feel like it would take something pretty huge to throw me off course. It’s up to me to make the most of the next 23 days, and I absolutely intend to.