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Anthony Nakamura

Mud Camp  -  Titanium Training Camp  -  Fighting Fit  - winter X - Titanium HIIT Core  -   HIITITANIUM

Anthony has been a group ex instructor for almost two years. Prior to that he was a martial arts (tae kwon do) instructor and has been a personal trainer for over 8 years. The classes he teaches here at tfc really allow him to share his passions with others. As a martial artist, avid snowboarder and former hockey player he is able to share his enthusiasm for those sports in his winter sport, winter x, and fighting fit classes. One of his favorite classes is the shawn t insanity program, he used the beachbody insanity program as his primary form of training for his first half-marathon 5 years ago. It is now very exciting for him to present the workout as a group exercise class. His other fitness related activites include running, yoga, triathlon competition, road biking and he is rediscovering his love for martial arts in the form of american boxing.

Beth Henderson

Sweaty Betty's Booty Camp  -  Titanium Tone  -  TRX  -  Training Camp  -   HIITITANIUM

Beth has been a personal trainer and massage therapist for the past three years. Being able to see the human body from both angles has greatly increased her ability to understand and train it. Since being involved in sports at such a young age, both as a player and a coach, jumping into the group x world feels like home for beth. She has recently become...let's just say...slightly obsessed with mud and obstacle races. Moving to Colorado has opened up a lot more fitness doors for her as well, including snowboarding, stand-up paddle-boarding, rock climbing, and longboarding. Needless to say, she knows the value of true cross-training!

Sara Altman

Titanium Training Camp  -  PICK IT UP

Sara relocated to Denver from her home state of North Carolina, where she began her career working in a physical therapy clinic and coaching high school athletes. She earned her degrees in athletic training and exercise science in 2012. After graduating from college, Sara realized that she needed to change her lifestyle in order to educate and train other on being healthier individuals. She lost 50 lbs while training for two half marathons and Spartan races. With this newfound self-confidence and outlook on life, Sara decided it was time for a major change. She up and left North Carolina and headed west looking for another adventure, finally ending up in Colorado. Using what she’s learned in the physical therapy field, and in her journey to a healthier self, she continues to be an inspiration to people on their own journeys to healthier lifestyles. 

Libby barret


Libby does not believe in the perfect size or perfect weight, but rather that the “perfect body” is one that you are taking care of and are comfortable in. She originally came to yoga as a way to increase her flexibility to complement her strength and cardio routines. Upon discovering that yoga had much more to offer, she enrolled in a teacher training program. She received her 300- and 500-hour certifications from the Yoga Shala in Portland, OR. Libby believes that yoga is for everyone and has strong therapeutic benefits ~ physically of course, but also mentally and spiritually. Practicing yoga increases mindfulness — in the gym, in the kitchen, driving…in fact, everywhere! She loves teaching classes with fun music and a playful element, and, believing in the power of cross training, always tries to mix it up and keep it fresh.


When Libby is not teaching, she enjoys snowboarding, traveling, cooking, reading, and hiking.





A recent Denver Transplant, Trevah is excited to get involved and familiar with the Yoga scene here! She recieved her 200 hour Yoga Certification from CorePower Yoga while living in Chicago. Since completeing the Yoga training she has taught both One-on-One and group classes in studios, gyms and in corperate settings as well. She believes Yoga is for everyone and loves creating challenging yet accessible sequences that will leave you feeling energized, strong and refreshed

kimmy Hidalgo

Yoga sculpt

Kimmy grew up in the Bay area of California, where her passion for fitness and dance began with doing Richard Simmons workouts, Sweatin' to the Oldies, with her mom. After high school, she moved to Colorado where she got her degree in Speech Communications with a minor in Nutrition.  A goal of hers, since she was a little girl, was to become an NFL Cheerleader. After training with a personal trainer, who motivated her to push herself past her limits, she made the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders!  Working with that trainer inspired her to want to help others the way he helped her.  Kimmy's been in the fitness world ever since.  She loves working with clients one-on-one as well as teaching group classes, such as yoga, sculpt, dance, and bootcamps.  Her goal in training is to motivate and teach others how to find a healthy balance in life, all while making it fun! 



Mary graduated with a BA in Dance from the University of Texas affording her extensive knowledge in kinesiology, proper body mechanics and integration of ideokenetic facilitation (tools enabling mind-body connection). She obtained her 200 hour yoga certification from Living Yoga Program out of Austin, Texas and has been teaching for over 10 years. Mary’s main focus in teaching is building strength in a safe, supported and informed manner while finding release in areas of habitual tension. While tuning in to the body, her classes seeking grace and peace in the emotional state through physical release. Her classes are a blend of Kundalini yoga and moderate vinyasa flow followed by a deep, through savasana. Most recently she instructed barre and yoga for Colorado Athletic Club and is a guest teacher for Yomosa Brunch Club in Denver, CO. Mary is a level 3 Reiki Master.

Lara Grillos


 While other girls were getting were gettingready for prom, Lara decided to travel to India for her 16th birthday. Yoga has been a part of her life ever since. She remains fascinated by how a sequence of poses can lead to so much enjoyment, challenge and self-understanding. In teaching, she aims to show students thier true caprabilities through a playful juxtaposition of movement and stillness. Lara offers vinyasa-style flow classes with a focus on alighnment and breath. If not on her yoga mat, you can most likely find her at work as a civil rights attorney, chasing un-tracked powder on her snowboard, or enjoying the company of her husband and put bull terrier. 

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