1. A Group Fitness Class to Meet Your Needs

    Are you looking for a gym near you that is clean, organized and ready to meet you where you are and go along with your on your journey to meet your fitness goals? Titanium Fitness Center is that gym. We are in Edgewater and dedicated to helping you meet your goals and stay fit all year ‘round. We offer boot camps as well as a winter sport training class to get you ready for the slopes.…Read More

  2. Cross Training

    Titanium Fitness Center understands that cross training not only keeps you as fit as you can be, it also helps avoid sport injuries. If you are recovering from an injury we can help too. Try our yoga class and then the Titanium Treatment class which focuses on injury prevention by working on strength and balance.    …Read More

  3. Stay Fighting Fit

    Titanium Fitness Center is the gym to go near you for intense training to keep you fighting fit,even if you sit behind a desk for living. We know you want to be in shape, for your health- both physical and mental- and because your focus on life one more than your office life. Life is demanding, demand more from life!…Read More

  4. Our Fitness Trainers Keep You Accountable

    Looking for accountability? Motivation? A personalized fitness plan? Here at Titanium Fitness Center, our fitness trainers help you find faster results. Call us today to see how we can help you get back on track to reaching your fitness goals.…Read More

  5. Reap The Benefits Of Our Group Fitness Classes

    Group fitness classes at Titanium Fitness Center helps you take your fitness to the next level because group fitness classes make sure you're in proper form at all times, motivates you to actually show up and keep coming to the gym, they challenge you to push yourself, and they're FUN! You'll never want to work out by yourself again! Check us out today and see for yourself.…Read More

  6. Seriously Fun Fitness

    Are you looking for a gym near you that offers a full fitness program, one that will push your limits? We have amazing fitness trainers, a clean and well organized work out space and the passion to bring you along on your slow days. We are serious about fitness but never take ourselves too seriously. Working out should be fun too!…Read More

  7. Fitness Intensity at Titanium Fitness

    Are you asking yourself, “Are there any gyms near me that can match my fitness intensity?” We offer intense group fitness classes including Zumba, Titanium Insanity, Mud Camp, and Fighting Fit. Our gym is located in Edgewater so you can stay mountain climbing fit in the middle of Denver. Sign up today.…Read More