A few weeks ago I was in Sara’s Friday morning  weightlifting class with just one other Titanium Fitness Client, Fran. Though I love big classes, I also love it when classes are small and I can connect with just one other person. Sara was running late, so Fran took the lead and starting getting us warmed up. Though I can’t quite remember how we got on the topic, we started discussing gym progress.

I was excited that I could actually contribute to this conversation. Not only could I now do box jumps instead of step-ups (well, sort of…That’s a story for another day), I can also do adult push ups (yes, that’s my name for military push ups…you know, that ones when your knees are not on the ground) and started noticing my biceps looking particularly plump in the best of ways. I felt like I was a teenage girl all over again talking about getting boobs. My biceps were no longer mosquito bites, they were A-Cup! Yes, A-CUPS!! When I flex there is actually something there- Something toned and something noticeable. Obvi, the goal is now to get to B-Cups…

Just this week was my 6 week mark of personal training, so Anthony and I did a little recap fitness assessment to review my progress. And, I couldn’t have been more pleased with my results so far. Anthony had helped me set some specific weight, measurement and skill goals and I nailed all of them- YES- ALL OF THEM! I’ve officially lost 5 pounds, lost inches in my chest, waist and hips and even reduced my overall body fat percentage by over 3 percent. Needless to say, we were both thrilled about these developments. Apparently, I am doing good things.

Here’s the even better part. Along the changes in my measurements, I’ve actually been able to see some of the changes in my body (there I go sounding like teenage girl again…) I’m such a visual person and have always felt like it takes sooo long to see physical changes, but they are there! My pants are fitting a bit looser and my arms are looking fab in all my summer tanks. I even fit perfectly into my ‘skinny’ dress- I know, it’s terrible concept- but I swear every girl has that one dress/pair of jeans/cute top in their closet that is one size smaller than everything else. And that feeling when it fits perfectly is priceless.

Also, I have to acknowledge, this isn’t just about feeling and being ‘skinny.’ Though yes I want to be thin and healthy, I also want to be strong. Out of all of the results of our progress session, the part that I am most excited about are my push ups. I went from struggling to do 2 to doing 12 consecutive chin-to-the-ground military push-ups. This was a pretty huge milestone for me. Quite frankly, I have never been able to do more than 2 ever before in my life. So this is a pretty big deal to me.

This positive progress honestly feels great. I have worked really hard for it. And it’s absolutely been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Though I am not at my final goals quite yet, I know I am on my way there. On top of this, my wedding dress should be arriving at the bridal salon any day now, and although I can’t completely reduce my anxiety about trying it on again for the first time since last August (and FYI- I am 8 LBS down from when I picked out my dress!) I am feeling a lot better about it. So I’ve got to keep this momentum going strong. I know as long as I keep up all these good things, I’m sure to feel amazing on my big day.