Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a healthy week and looking forward to an amazing weekend of springtime weather, Rockies opening day, and most importantly, the Scorpion Poker Challenge at Titanium Fitness Center this Saturday. The tournament is going to be quite the shindig (and I take shindigs extremely seriously…I don’t get to use the word often so you know when I use it, I mean business)! For those of you who don’t know a big blind from a burn card, just $10 gets you into the event as a spectator. Free food, open bar, and tipsy trainers? Ummm, yes please! I’m particularly looking forward to finding out if Anthony can do his crazy flips after he ties a couple on. You can purchase a tournament seat for only $25 before Saturday and $35 on the day of, and there will be some fabulous prizes for the winners, so get your tickets today! Or if you’re like me, tomorrow when you get paid! The best part of the event? All proceeds benefit the Skinner Middle School PTO, proving that being a degenerate gambler is totally acceptable if it’s for the kids. Tournament check in is from 6:00-7:00 PM, and the games will begin at 7:30, so brush up on The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Poker, start calling your local babysitters, and let’s get to poker-ing!