IMG_4107Titanium Fitness offers an atmosphere unique in the fitness industry. We focus on creating healthy lifestyles through all disciplines of fitness training. Our clientele will have access to different types of group exercise classes and will be heavily encouraged to participate in as many as possible. Our clientele will learn how to create their own path to wellness using disciplines such as boot-camp style training, yoga, weightlifting, martial arts, Zumba®, suspension training, athletic training and combination classes. Titanium offers an environment that is the truest embodiment of CROSS TRAINING available under one roof.

We focus on cross training because we believe it to be the most effective way to achieve total fitness. Only by training all muscle groups as well as training for cardiovascular endurance can you truly claim to be completely fit. It takes cardio, strength training, and endurance training to complete your fitness routine. We offer a variety of classes in order to give you optimal chances to be really, truly fit.

There are many benefits of cross training.

  • You can cross train to rehabilitate from an injury, staying fit while you rest the injured body part. For instance if you are new to running and need to develop your endurance and flexibility, you can cross train to develop these aspects of fitness without subjecting your joints to the pounding they get from running.
  • You can boost your motivation. After years of running maybe you are looking for something to shake up your routine or maybe it’s winter or raining, or snowing, again and the thought of getting on a treadmill makes your soul shrivel up. Well, there is no need to skip training! Try a cross training class! You’ll meet new people too who can supercharge your training passion.
  • You can do it for the enjoyment of trying something new and challenging your body to reach new limits. There is nothing more exhilarating than training for and participating in a mud camp and mud challenge. It’s fun and you’ll find new sources of energy and motivation.

Check out Titanium Fitness’s classes page to see what cross training bug will bite you!