There are certain times in your life, especially for women, that increase your likelihood of weight gain. Women gain the most weight in their 20-’s and 30’s overall. Additionally, there are life events that exacerbate this. Obviously, pregnancy is one of those times (no, I’m not prego!) But did you know that women also tend to gain weight after their wedding? On average, it’s about five plus pounds in the six months after your wedding day. I’ve got two out of the three things above going for me… I’m just two months post wedding and in my 30’s. Yikes!

Despite taking part in the Titanium Weight Loss Challenge, the scale has been a bit of a roller coaster. Down two pounds one week, up three pounds the next. Though overall, the recent trajectory has been moving the the wrong direction…

This brings me to my new goals moving forward. Initially, Anthony and I came up with two, very simple goals:

  1. Do three pullups. Currently, I can’t do any. I guess this is a good one.

  2. Train for a half marathon in May. My sister is on a bit of a runny craze, so I guess I might as well join her and have a buddy in the training process.

These are great goals, though they weren’t quite enough to keep me super motivated. The half marathon is more than six months away, and although I need to start running, I don’t need quite that long to train. And the pull ups… well they’re fine. Truthfully Anthony is way more excited about this goal that I am.

After acknowledging what been happening on the scale, as well as considering the weight gain factors listed above, we are kicking things up a notch. But, I didn’t want to establish a generic weight loss goal. I needed this to be a bit different. So I am going to focus on body fat. My third goal is to reduce my body fat by 2% by Christmas. This goal will for sure take more day to day thought, planning and effort. And hopefully will keep any post-wedding pounds from sneaking up on me.

Excellent, new goals are in place. I’m feeling motivated and my gym momentum has been going strong. Now, I have to focus on building some kitchen momentum, eating my veggies and lean protein and making healthy choices. I know with just a little effort, I will blow this goal out of the water.

Though, let’s be honest. Now that the wedding is behind me and my goals are slightly less climatic, I’ll have little less to tell you about. So the scope of the blog will be changing slightly. Every other post will continue to be from me and about my progress, which I am still super excited to share with you. The posts in between will now be “Ask The Trainer.”

This is your opportunity to pose a questions that you want answered about health and fitness. What do you want know about? Do you have a good idea for a post topic? Do you have a question that you are dying to have answered! Contact Anthony and Beth using the Contact link here, bring it up in class or mention in passing at the coffee shop. Don’t be shy! Likely if you have a particular question on your mind, so do ten other people. The next blog post will go up in two weeks, and it will be one of your questions. So, let’s see you bring it and I’ll be back again with updates in December!