IMG_3349Sometimes, that’s what it feels like. And by it, I mean everything: career, relationships, cleaning, homework, cooking, yard work, going to the post office, flossing…and especially losing weight and/or getting in shape (often one does not coincide with the other…but I digress). Sometimes the task at hand is too big, it’s just too much to even think about. How can I lose those 20 lbs I’ve put on this last year (it’s really more like 25, but again I digress) and replace it with 10 swole lbs of muscle? How can I do 8 strict pull ups without stopping? Or run that half marathon in 12 weeks? Or finally be able to do one…that’s right…ONE FRIGGAN TOES TO BAR?!

Let’s see if we can figure this conundrum out together (I know big words right? :)…

This summer my family went on a (ridiculously) awesome trip to Zion National Park. We got a beautiful cabin on the side of a mountain for all 20 (yeah I said it…20) of us; we had enough meat to last us ’til Christmas, and no beer (what?! A Henderson Family vacation with no beer?!). Luckily I had some in a cooler…and this was the moment I became mom’s favorite daughter 🙂

Okay okay, I’m getting to the point of my story…so we decided to do a couple hikes in Zion, one of them being the highly recommended Angel’s Landing. Now kids, this hike is no joke; it’s only about 2.5 miles one way, but holy moly Batman! The first two miles were a little tough, with decently steep switchbacks, but it didn’t even begin to compare with the last half mile. There is a total elevation gain of about 1500ft, with that last part comprising about 1000 of it. That’s right, we climbed up almost 1000 ft in half a mile…bunch of crazies we are.

Staring up at this incredible climb in front of us, we saw hikers scrambling up a steep cliff with deep, vertical drop offs on either side and an anchored support chain to cling to. I mean they looked like ants for Pete’s sake, and I couldn’t even see the one’s way up at the summit. I froze for a second, which was unusual since I am not afraid of heights and am in decent shape…for a trainer anyways 😉 But for some reason, I froze. I looked up and what we were about to do was all too much for me to handle. At least it seemed that way.

Of course my pride kicked in and I fell in to step with the rest of my fam, without ever saying a word…because that’s how us tough girls operate. I shook the fear that settled into my gut and just focused on the three steps in front of me. “Just get up this rock face, Betty, and worry about the rest after.” There was no point in getting all worked up about something before it rears its steep, ugly head. I got into a groove, and before I knew it I was at the top looking down from the top of the world.

Okay that’s dramatic, but it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed and conquered.

IMG_3398So how do we bring this on back to the point I was previously trying to make??

Well my loves, mountains will always be mountains if you try to take it on all at once. But if you break it up into small, easy-digestible steps, there’s less chance that the overwhelming feeling will swallow you whole (again, I’m being dramatic, but you get my point). The 25 pounds I have to lose, becomes the first 5…then the next 5…and then..and then..and then what?! The world is my oyster, and not this giant, impossible mountain. It can be the same experience for you too; don’t let a step or two back stop you from climbing on.

No goal is too large for any one of us to handle; we just have to break it up into pieces small enough to conquer, and then move on to the next one. We have to keep moving forward, otherwise we’re just standing still – these waters run deep, don’t they? 🙂

With all the love, faith (in you!), and squats in the world

Sweaty Betty