I don’t deal with injuries well. I quite frankly never have. I’ve never liked going to the doctor, taking unnecessary medications or having to slow down. The other side of this is the fact that I have been plagued with back problems my whole life. At 13 I had to quit gymnastics due to back pain… Not that I was any good at it, but I was devastated.

I deal with injuries by ignoring or avoiding them. Anthony can attest. I missed a box jump in boot camp a few months back, and had a pretty fantastic cut on my leg. I put just one bandaid on it and went back to finish the workout— one band aid was not enough. Anthony later told me I needed to ice it, since my leg was swollen and bruised within moments of the blunder happening. I said no. Whatever- I’ll walk it off.

Over the last month or so, my back has been bothering me again and I’ve been super annoyed and frustrated. But what is really underneath the annoyance and frustration is fear. Truthfully, I am scared of making it worse, but I am also scared that if I take any time off I will lose all the good things I’ve gained. And I am so close to reaching my goals. The wedding is less than 2 months aways… so you know… no pressure.

Matt’s know’s me way too well. He’s been hounding to take an extra day off from the gym for a few weeks now and I have flat out refused (I can be a bit stubborn). Even though I haven’t been complaining outworldly about my pain, I’m sure he could tell it’s there. I’m sure he’s seen me popping Advil like candy. I’m sure I’ve kept him awake at night because I’ve been unable to sleep or get comfortable, and end up tossing and turning for hours. And I am sure that he’s seen me taking every opportunity I could to lay flat on my back in the middle of our living room floor… maybe that was a dead give away…

Last week my back pain was pretty intense. After a completely sleepless night, I was rushing to get ready for work one morning and was in a particularly surly mood. Matt finally stopped me in my tracks and asked me “What is wrong with you today?” When I actually verbalized to him exactly how I feeling I nearly burst into tears. It all came out- I told him how my back has been hurting for weeks, how scared I was to take any time off and lose this momentum but how I just didn’t want exacerbate the pain. This is what I love about him- and likely one reason why I am marrying him. He could see the pain I’ve been experiencing written all over my face and the pain I have been minimizing. He was amazing. He listened, gave me a hug, and simply reassured me that one extra recoup day would not turn all of my progress around. Reluctantly, I listened and took a couple days off.

Thankfully my fears have not come true. I have not lost my momentum and the two days of rest and binging on Netflix were actually really good for me. Let’s face it… Netflix fixes everything. Next time you deal with an injury, here’s my recommendation: Restart House of Cards from season one, popcorn, a couple beers and snuggle buddy.  How could you not feel better after a day or two of that?

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