founder1Anthony Nakamura


Anthony has been a personal fitness trainer for almost 10 years now. Coming from a background in Martial Arts, he was always told about the superiority of each particular martial art he trained in, but never really bought into the ideal of a “superior style”. Each style has strengths and weaknesses, for each individual person they must find the style that fits the best. Fitness training is no different, it is from that philosophy that Titanium was born, as a trainer he regularly uses yoga, cycling, martial arts, and running in addition to traditional training disciplines(weight training, TRX, core training etc.) and wanted to be able to present these on a larger scale than 1-1 personal training.

Anthony has been a State Champion Tournament Martial Artist, Marathon Runner, Half-Ironman distance Triathlete and has recently begun training heavily in Yoga and American Boxing. In addition to being a personal trainer he has been a Spinning(Indoor Cycling) instructor for over a year, it is from that experience he decided begin his new adventure into group exercise.


founder2Beth Henderson


Beth has been a personal trainer and massage therapist since the spring of 2010, but her passion for health and fitness started at a much younger age. She grew up in Massachusetts playing soccer, basketball, softball, and basically anything where she could run, jump, and throw a couple elbows around. In the summer of 2011, Beth made the trek out to Denver and was lucky enough to find a family at Fitness Together.

Mostly lifting weights and being a gym rat for the past couple years, Beth realized in order to really challenge mind, body and character, you have to push yourself out of your traditional comfort zone. With that in mind, she finished her first half and full marathons in 2013. Now she has taken a liking to more unconventional forms of training: flipping tires, climbing ropes, and any and all muddy obstacle races she can find.

Beth is extremely excited to begin this new endeavor; it has been her dream to someday open her own gym. To have the opportunity to increase the amount of people she can share her passion with is something she is tremendously grateful for.

“One of the things I’ve appreciated about my fitness journey is how strong I’ve become over the years. I want to show women that beauty comes in many different forms, not just in the number on the scale or how skinny your jeans are. It comes from how many more pushups you can do now than a month ago. Or stepping up to that squat rack with every guy in the place staring at you like you don’t belong. Be strong and be proud of it!”