My name is Kristy and I will be your Titanium Fitness Center Client Blogger for the foreseeable future. Anthony and Beth are letting me take over and speak (well, blog) the truth about working out from the client’s perspective. (Yes, it’s real easy to tell someone to do 50 burpees, but actually doing 50 burpees is a whole different story.) On top of this, I am getting married in 4 months… or according to The Knot, my wedding is exactly 123 days away. It’s officially crunch time.

I thought for my first blog, I would share how I actually got started with Titanium Fitness, so let’s dive right in! It all began almost exactly two years ago…

I was waitressing at a busy restaurant in downtown Denver and I happened to be Anthony’s server while he was out with his family celebrating his father’s birthday. I have no idea how or why we started chatting about gyms, but I was looking for a new gym and Anthony owned one. Should have been a no brainer, right? He gave me his card, I popped it in my server book, delivered his dad a free birthday ice cream sundae, and I said I would call. I never did. A few months later Anthony was in the restaurant again- Shoot! He recognized me and I never called about going to his gym. Though I tried to hide and look busy, I couldn’t escape him- Anthony came right up to me, gave me another card and said I should check it out. Yeah, I know I should… I’m busy…excuses, excuses…

Flash forward to July 2015- my boyfriend had bought a ring and I had gained a few LB’s… Yikes!- I don’t want to look at my engagement photo’s and think I look horrible (yes, it’s so vain, I know)… where’s that card that that guy gave me at work… Thankfully I kept this one- I found that bright red Titanium Fitness business card buried in my desk drawer and I sheepishly wrote Anthony an email… “Hey- remember me? That server that said she would contact you but never did… Well I guess it’s time for me to get back into the gym… I’m about to get engaged… HELP!”

And, I have been going to Titanium Fitness ever since then. It seems like I am chronically sore and live in my gym clothes. I still have quite a few goals I want to achieve, but I’ve already noticed some results- I am down a few pounds and my arms look slightly-less noodle-like. Though now, it is truly crunch time. My wedding dress should be arriving sometime in June and I need to be as fit and ready as possible by then. So you can catch me at the gym quite a bit now- at Yoga Sculpt on Monday’s, Titanium Training Camp on Wednesday’s and Fighting Fit on Saturday’s, with a few other classes and personal training sessions mixed in along the way.

In all honesty, I feel I need to confess that I’m no natural athlete. I don’t love working out, but I do love pizza, beer and Netflix. I played some sports as a kid, but for the most part was always on the losing team. Though working out, playing sports and eating right are all less than instinctual for me, I feel like I have a huge opportunity in front of me. I can get in shape for my wedding, but stay in shape for a lifetime. To paraphrase something that Anthony said to me last week… It is way easier to sacrifice now to make maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle that much easier in the long run. So I am monitoring my diet closely, making sure I am getting at least 5 workouts a week in and trying to make better decisions every day. It’s not easy, but I’ve got great momentum. And, I am super excited to see where this goes! Stay Tuned!