1. More Than a Resolution

    Heyo Tit Fit Fam! Happy new year! I hope you are all as excited about 2017 as I am. A new year means a new start for many people. It’s an opportunity to have a clean slate and make positive changes. It’s actually hard not to get on the ‘new year, new you’ bandwagon. I love seeing people set new resolutions and goals this time of year. Likely because I love seeing people really commit to th…Read More

  2. Ask the Trainer I

    Alright TitFit Fam.. Anthony here… Welcome to Ask The Trainer, our new blog series where I, yeah, you heard that right! Me, myself and I, will be answering your biggest health and fitness questions. I am excited to offer this as an extra tool to help you work past those fitness hurdles, stay on track and keep you moving towards your healthiest version of you. So bring on your questions... I'll d…Read More

  3. The Dress

    I attend one, 5:15am class per week. The only reason why is because I refuse to wake up in the 4am hour more than once a week. Additionally, I am notoriously a few minutes late for the class. Without fail I always seem to walk-in mid warm-up and have a little catching up to do.   One time in July, I was actually early for this class. Yes. I said it. EARLY for the Friday 5:15am HIIT Core class. (I…Read More

  4. Stressed

    When I was in grad school, someone once told me that the work isn’t necessarily going to be harder or that much more challenging. But, what grad school is really all about is how many hoops you can jump through at once all while balancing 10 different plates on every limb of your body. Somehow, wedding planning feels very much the same. Everything that needs to get done isn’t hard by any means…Read More

  5. Progress Report: Mosquito Bites to A Cups

    A few weeks ago I was in Sara’s Friday morning  weightlifting class with just one other Titanium Fitness Client, Fran. Though I love big classes, I also love it when classes are small and I can connect with just one other person. Sara was running late, so Fran took the lead and starting getting us warmed up. Though I can’t quite remember how we got on the topic, we started discussing gym prog…Read More

  6. Cake, Carb and Booze Free

    When I agreed to write this Blog for Titanium Fitness, I also made an agreement with myself to be forthright and honest. The last thing I want to do is paint an unrealistic perfect picture of a transformation.  It would be too misleading and simply not true. On the other hand, I want to be sure that what I am writing is not going to sound completely hopeless nor make this into an outlet for endle…Read More

  7. She-hulking It

    There aren't very many people in the "normal world" who say they actually want to gain weight. I'm not really one for conformity, so clearly I don't (and would never want to) live in a "normal' world. "Are you cray cray?! Why on earth would you want to be heavier? You're going to look like a man!!" Yup, that's exactly how it works: you lift weights for 3 months, stop doing cardio and BOOM! Instant…Read More

  8. Our Fitness Trainers Are The Best

    Our fitness trainers talk the talk and walk the walk. Our trainers are intensely passionate about their sports, their bodies, and helping you reach your fitness goals.We have martial artists, snowboarders, massage therapists, you name it! We are dedicated to fitness, in and out of the gym and our enthusiasm is catching. Try us and see!…Read More

  9. Boot Camp Fitness

    Our trainers are kind of obsessed with fitness! We offer several types of boot camp fitness classes including Mud Camps and Titanium TRX.  Our trainers have years of experience in sports, martial arts, yoga and more. Reserve a spot in one of our classes today!…Read More

  10. Because it’s always been a matter of trust

    How many times have you heard, "it's not you, it's me...I've got trust issues"? Or "I don't make it a habit to trust people"? OR "I wouldn't trust him as far as I could push press him!" Oh, not that last one? Yeah me either, I've definitely never said that before :) The point is, trust is a difficult subject. It's something that often takes years to build, and can be stripped away in a matter of s…Read More