When I agreed to write this Blog for Titanium Fitness, I also made an agreement with myself to be forthright and honest. The last thing I want to do is paint an unrealistic perfect picture of a transformation.  It would be too misleading and simply not true. On the other hand, I want to be sure that what I am writing is not going to sound completely hopeless nor make this into an outlet for endless complaints- that’s not good for anyone! I am sure there is a balance here somewhere. With that being said, this may not be one of my most positive posts, but at the very least it will be honest.


Over the last two weeks I’ve experienced my share of up and downs. Though, the one ‘down’ that I am struggling with the most is the fact that I dropped 2.5 pounds in a week, only to gain 1.5 of it right back the following week. WTF!


I sadly told Anthony at my last personal training session about my set back, and he reminded me of his notion that a “little” sacrifice now means maintaining a healthy weight will be easier in the long run. This, my friends, is bull shit… and I told him so. This is not a ‘little’ sacrifice. This is a whole lot of saying no and sacrificing many of my favorite things, specifically when it comes to food. (Being a bit of a ‘Foodie’ doesn’t help much either…)


Everyday I am faced with some serious temptations, as I am sure we all are.  I work in an Italian restaurant where the pasta, wine and cookies are abundant. I live with a boy who can eat all the potato chips and Sour Patch Kids he wants, does 2 sit-ups and has ripped, six-pack abs (NOT FAIR!!)  A new bakery opened in my neighborhood and now I swear all I think about is cake. And did I mention I am planning a wedding? The stress… Oh, the stress that drives me to drink. I know… not the best coping mechanism, but wine really does take the edge off.


I guess what I am starting to realize is how much of this process is actually a mental game. The moment I say ‘yes’ to one temptation I almost inevitably say ‘yes’ to 10 more. I thought since I was running a road race last week I could work a few extra carbs in my diet. Bad decision. One single burger slider the day before my race later led to tater tots, bagels, pasta, wine and beer. Yikes. That likely explains my weight gain. I guess my carbo load game was on point….


You can also say the opposite is true. The moment I say ‘no’ to a temptation, I inevitably say ‘no’ to 10 more. It’s that idea of momentum. One good decision will lead to more great decisions. Though I love the idea of a cheat day, or a few extra carbs before a big workout, I guess I have to accept it’s not the best idea for me right now. As my brother-in-law once so wisely said to me… “The sooner you accept something, the easier it gets.” Clearly, I have to accept that my life will be cake, carb and (mostly) booze free for a while. This is not forever, but it is for now.


My weight loss goal is to lose those last 10 pounds that are absolutely the hardest. Though I feel very confident that I will achieve this, the road to get there just isn’t very easy, especially when you’re a ‘Foodie’ who lives for sugar. And when the man you are marrying can eat absolutely anything and not show it… (Again- So not fair! I swear, all I have to do is look at a donut and it goes straight to my ass.) I’ve taken some time to recommit to my diet, and am trying to stay focused on all the positive things that will come out of this experience. And, when things get really tough- I stop to think about the fact that we will be honeymooning in Cabo- and there will be nothing better than feeling super confident in a new 2-piece bathing suit, chillin’ on the beach next to my new husband with a margarita in hand.If-only-losing-weight-was-as-easy-as.... (1)