1. Mud Camp Bragging Rights

    Group Fitness classes reward you in two ways. You work on your fitness, and in this case, prepare for an epic mud race and gives you an opportunity to  met people who hold similar obsessions! We offer a Mud Camp Intermediate/Advanced for those who want to take this journey together. It’s more than wearing the t shirt afterward although, yeah, the bragging rights are included, no extra charge.…Read More

  2. Reap The Benefits Of Our Group Fitness Classes

    Group fitness classes at Titanium Fitness Center helps you take your fitness to the next level because group fitness classes make sure you're in proper form at all times, motivates you to actually show up and keep coming to the gym, they challenge you to push yourself, and they're FUN! You'll never want to work out by yourself again! Check us out today and see for yourself.…Read More

  3. Seriously Fun Fitness

    Are you looking for a gym near you that offers a full fitness program, one that will push your limits? We have amazing fitness trainers, a clean and well organized work out space and the passion to bring you along on your slow days. We are serious about fitness but never take ourselves too seriously. Working out should be fun too!…Read More

  4. Group Fitness Classes Keep You Motivated

    Whether you're just now getting into a fitness routine or you're a fitness enthusiast, Titanium Fitness Center's group fitness classes are a great way to take your health and fitness to the next level. With all the different options hat we offer - from Zumba to sport training to weight training - we have it all! Come by or call us to get more information!…Read More

  5. Fitness Intensity

    We admit it, our Fitness Trainers are a bit nutty. We mean that is the best way of course. Out trainers are driven, committed athletes. It takes true dedication to make something that most people do on the weekend, or after work the center of your life. It takes passion and you’ll find their passion contagious. Try one of classes and you’ll see, but be warned, you might catch the passion!…Read More

  6. Our Cross Training Will Help You Reach Your Goals

    Get stronger and leaner with the cross training at Titanium Fitness Center. Our team of experienced trainers offer you the accountability and motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals whatever they may be. Cross training is favored by pro athletes and can get you the results you're looking for with fewer injuries.…Read More

  7. Training Camp

    Training Camp will get you into shape! Fast! We work all your muscle groups so that as your conditioning improves, so does your strength and endurance. We use some free weights, TRX training means you use your own body weight to develop your strength and balance. It is especially good for developing your core stability. We also use resistance bands and Bosu balls.  …Read More

  8. Stay Fit For Outdoor Adventures

    We have group fitness classes that fall all along the fitness spectrum. Try our Vinyasa Yoga class to increase flexibility and prevent injuries or our Titanium Insanity class to push yourself to the absolute limit of your physical capabilities. Stay fit for outdoor adventures with cross training at our well-equipped gym in Edgewater.…Read More

  9. Cross Train with Group Fitness Classes in Edgewater

    Our fitness trainers are passionate about cross training. We believe cross training is the best way to get truly, completely fit. Sign up for one of our many group fitness classes. Try our Zumba or Titanium Core classes. We can help you meet your fitness goals; you can reach the next level of fitness!…Read More