How many times have you heard, “it’s not you, it’s me…I’ve got trust issues”?

Or “I don’t make it a habit to trust people”?

OR “I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could push press him!”

Oh, not that last one? Yeah me either, I’ve definitely never said that before 🙂 The point is, trust is a difficult subject. It’s something that often takes years to build, and can be stripped away in a matter of seconds. If we experience mistrust with one person, that carries over and always effects our relationship with other, completely unrelated people. Even a lack of trust in ourselves can effect how (or how we don’t) trust others.

It’s been a common theme these last couple months with your dear ol’ Sweaty Betty; work, love, friends, business partners, clients…they are all crawling with it. And as it turns out, I’m not so good with it (shocker right?!).

When it comes to being a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and massage therapist, I never realized how much our clients have to trust us. They literally put their bodies in our hands along with their goals, dreams, and vision for themselves. That’s a crap-ton of responsibility you guys! I mean I can handle it, it’s no big deal, but sh#@! When someone comes to us with a weight-loss goal, and a beach vacation looming over their heads, there is so often this push-back that happens when we initiate a seemingly arbitrary program. It’s difficult for clients to understand why we put them through this or that, why we tell them to eat more or exercise less, but there is a reason they come to us. I didn’t just go to the gym one day, do three sets of curls, and immediately become a trainer; I studied, I worked my ass off, and continue to learn things so that I can train people safely and effectively.

I try to help my clients understand that there is a reason behind everything I tell them to do, and I try not to play the “I’m the professional” card, but sometimes you’ve got to bring in the big guns. If I went to get my hair cut, and didn’t trust my hairstylist to do it right, I wouldn’t walk out in the middle and take a pair of shears to my own locks (although I did do that once when I was like 6…lesbehonest, it didn’t turn out great). They are professionals for a reason, and we need to trust that we each have our best interests at heart. We have to trust in the process of things, but that is so much easier said than done.

How can we trust in something we’ve never actually seen accomplished? How do we jump in head first when a plan is, for the most part, in someone else’s hands? How do we trust other people with our lives/happiness/goals when we may be complete control-freaks? …Not talking from experience or anything 🙂

I don’t pretend to be an expert in this. I have little-to-no answers for this question, but I feel like that’s okay. I feel like that’s what trust is: not having concrete answers but going with it anyways. It’s trying not to overthink and just do. It’s believing somebody else cares enough about you that they wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Again, I have no idea how to actually get yourself to do this…I can’t do all the work for you, you guys!

Recently I’ve been trying to give up some control and learn to trust my PIC (partner in crime, for those not from the mean streets of Mendon, Massachusetts…they’re actually not mean at all, I just feel cooler saying that). Running a business with someone else is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced, mostly because I’ve made them so much harder than they should have been. If I had just trusted him from the beginning instead of trying to do everything myself, I can’t tell you how much happier I would have been. Since relinquishing some control I’ve been so much less stressed (not 100% but that’s running a business for ya…and also, ya know, life in general). Being able to handle things as a team, whatever comes our way, is so empowering; sometimes I feel like there’s no way for us to fail.

That’s what I want for all my clients. That’s what I want for all the members of Titanium Fitness Center. I want them to know that we have their backs, and we are in this with them. We aren’t going to steer anyone down the wrong path, because we care. We care a lot. I give my cell phone to all my clients and members of the gym in case they need anything. Sara goes for runs with clients on her “down time” to offer support, and actually make sure they do it 🙂 Anthony has been known to come in on a Sunday afternoon to get a client in when that’s all they could do…post-brunch of course 🙂

We care.

A lot of people ask what my faith is, just as a standard question when you get to know someone, and my answer is unconventional: people. I choose to put my faith in people. If we don’t have each others’ backs, this world will turn into a shitstorm in a heartbeat. So be good to one another, believe in the process of things, and Trust.

“And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

Peace, Trust [in the] Deep Squats

<3 Sweaty Betty