Alright TitFit Fam.. Anthony here… Welcome to Ask The Trainer, our new blog series where I, yeah, you heard that right! Me, myself and I, will be answering your biggest health and fitness questions. I am excited to offer this as an extra tool to help you work past those fitness hurdles, stay on track and keep you moving towards your healthiest version of you. So bring on your questions… I’ll do my best to answer ‘em!

The first question we want to address is one we hear over and over again this time of year…

How do I survive the multiple holiday parties that have packed my schedule without packing on the pounds?

I get it. You want to enjoy each party without letting those lb’s creep up on you. I’m happy you asked, because there’s so much you can do to keep things in check. It all starts with having a plan. I’ve laid it out for you below…

  • GET YOUR WORKOUT IN THE DAY OF AND THE DAY AFTER: There’s no doubt your calorie intake will likely go up the day of the party, so earn that shit! Join us for class like Titanium Training Camp, go on a run, or stop in during our open gym hours. Even if you have to wake up an extra 30 minutes early, you’ll thank yourself later. You’ll feel better that you worked out, and will likely look better too!
  • EAT BEFORE YOU GO TO THE PARTY: This may seem counter intuitive, especially if you’re headed to a dinner party, but do it. Focus on eating ‘Leans and Greens’… that’s lean protein and your favorite green veggies. The food at your party may be tasty, but it’s likely loaded with sugar or fat or BOTH. Going to the party already feeling full will help you eat a bit less of the bad stuff and keep the over indulging from going too far.
  • TREAT YO’ SELF TO ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE DESSERTS: What?!?! Really??!?! YES! But, keep it to just one. Though I believe in putting great things in your body, enjoying a little sugar in moderation is okay from time to time. Just don’t go overboard, and maybe consider splitting that piece of pie with a friend. The indulgence will keep you from feeling deprived but will not completely ruin all of your hard work at the gym and in the kitchen.
  • HYDRATE: I love an open bar, but you should alternate your beverages. After you finish a cocktail, finish a glass of water, or soda water if you prefer. This will keep you hydrated and help prevent a gnarly hangover the next day.
  • STICK TO CLEAR COCKTAILS OR WINE: Vodka or gin with soda, or a glass of wine will be the way to go. Clear cocktails have way less sugar and far fewer calories than that syrupy, holiday inspired version of jungle juice that’s being served. And, wine actually has some positive nutritional benefits in moderation. Feel free to add some citrus to your vodka soda too. A lemon wedge, lime wedge or even an orange slice (NOT orange juice) will make your drink taste super refreshing.
  • DANCE YOUR HEARTS OUT: Did your company spring for a DJ? Well get on that dance floor! Dancing is a great workout (Titanium Hip-Hop ringing a bell?!?), so burn off the booze and baked goods and groove on that dance floor all night long!

Alright, I know I gave you ALOT of information here. I just want you to be as prepared as you can be. We are not about perfection here at Titanium. We are about continuous improvement. So just do your best. Maybe try three of the suggestions above and see how it goes. I know the holidays can be tough on your waistline, but they don’t have to be. Give these suggestions a shot, let me know how it goes, and, as always, contact me if you have more questions! Until next time…

Peace and Push Ups,